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The installation of ABBi-bus Intelligent control system in Xiamen International Conference & Exhibiton center, Xiamen Straits communication center
Source:Shanghai FU CHENG Trading Co.,Ltd      Publish Time:2013年9月25日     Hits:1208

     The installation of ABB-ibus Intelligent control system in the Xiamen International Conference & Exhibiton center along with Xiamen Straits communication center has completed.The system testing is going to begin.

Xiamen Straits communication center was located at north of Xiamen Exhibition center.

     The total land area of Xiamen Straits communication center is 7876.39 square meters, the total area of the building is 110712 square meters with 49 floors above ground level and 3 floors below the ground level. Because the construction is very important, the design of the ABB i-bus Intelligent control system was very strict based on the national standard. With all the sacrifices and efforts the workers made, they perfectly overwhelmed all the difficulties it had, and made great contribution for this construction.

     The ABB i-bus Intelligent control system that has been installed in the Xiamen International Conference & Exhibiton center was designed and tracked by Xiamen FU CHEN Electrization Technologies. After the first and second construction. The construction of the third exhibition will continuously to show the stable, design, the great service of Intelligent control system and the great work that FU CHENG Intelligence can done. The Intelligent control system of the first ,second and third exhibiton can perfectly combined and connected, this shows the great compatiblity and expansibility of ABB i-bus Intelligent control system along with its three unique features, easy io install, easy to use and easy to fix.

     The third Xiamen exhibitor construction is going to be used in 25th of August, also the Xiamen International Conference & exhibition center is going to expand twice as big as it used to be. This will make Xiamen International Conference & exhibition center become one of the largest exhibition center in the world.

     During these two big constructions, Xiamen FU CHENG Electrical Technology improved their technology and showed great work and achieved good comments from customers. The company will have faith and confidence to face even more challenges in the future.