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KNX China joined the Light+Building exhibition in frankfurt during 2012 for the first time
Source:KNX China      Publish Time:2013年9月25日     Hits:1324


     The 2012 Light+Building exhibition began in Frankfurt, joined up by 50 countries worldwide, 2000 exhibitors, and 200 thousand visitors together experiencing the finest technology, products, Ligtening and Building Automation System. KNX China became an exhibitor in this event and was awarded for the first time.

     In 2012 April the 15th-20th. The 2012 Light+Building exhibition began on Germany, Frankfurt. The exhibition began every 2 years,  among the lightening and building automation areas it is top in Europe and globally known. It is the exhibition that KNX International organization attend everyyear. This year KNX has a greater plan, it lauched the KNX City, a big concept of exhibition. This KNX city gathered the KNX technology Demo and uses, speeches of KNX, customer discussion and other activities. In order to connect to global and show the quick development of KNX in China, KNX China delegation and other famous developer companies participate in this KNX activity.During this event KNX International organization had other important activities suchs as news conference, discussion,meeting conference between the KNX International organization and KNX China, visiting KNX exhibits, KNX awards night. All of these activities were participated by KNX China. Which means that KNX International organization had a high expectation on KNX China.

     Other than that, in this years exhibition, KNX China and other Chinese developers-- Guangzhou HEDONG, Guangzhou SHISHENG, Nanjing TIANSHUO joined this exhibition for the first time and they have achived successful results. There were many customers asking for information about our exhibits, the popularity of our products are as great as the other European&American companies. There were also customers who wanted to buy our products during the event. To the Chinese KNX developers, this event was a great opportunity for them to enter the foreign market, which increase the confidence for them. Foreign KNX developers tend to focus on the KNX standtard and the Chinese national standard. This will help them to enter the Chinese market.

     What we were so proud of was during the awards night, members of KNX China (Shanghai LONGCHUANG) was awarded for its excellent work of the KNX products.

     KNX China also had a meeting conference with KNX International organization which confirmed their work.

     This time Chinese delegation successfully participated in the KNX activities, KNX China performed well on the "International stage". There were many activities which were worth learning for the KNX China. We hope that  KNX China could highlight the uniqueness of Chinese products next year